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Located in the middle of the North Island is the cutting-edge, modern University of Waikato. It is guaranteed that you will obtain an education that is cutting edge, focused on the world, and offers you a vibrant college experience. We have a strong connection to Maori culture, which is reflected in the vibrant student culture on our park-like Hamilton campus.

From the breathtaking Waitomo Caves to the Hobbiton movie set, the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions are home to some of the best tourist destinations in the nation. Experience the sights and sounds of Raglan and Mount, two of the nation’s top surfing locations.

Maunganui, as well as Mount Ruapehu’s ski and snowboard slopes in the winter. The Maori cultural center of Rotorua is only an hour south of Hamilton, and it’s an easy 1.5-hour commute from Hamilton to Auckland City.

Take advantage of the best of New Zealand while enhancing your resume with an internationally recognized Waikato education!

University of Waikato | Reviews and Programs

Now open, The Pā is a landmark new building located in the centre of the University of Waikato campus. Its creation is a reflection of the University of Waikato’s dedication to a socially engaged, hospitable, and culturally rich campus environment, as well as an integrated and accessible campus.
The Hamilton campus’s new hub for faculty, staff, and the general public is called Pā. It’s a special place for Kirikiriroa Hamilton.


Learn more about Maori culture and the many adventures that New Zealand has to offer with this amazing resource. Like nowhere else I’ve been, a lot of their travels were planned and distinctive. Everyone among the professors is incredibly friendly and helpful. Meeting new people is exciting and crazy during university week! It’s amazing how the university handled the COVID-19 crisis and how everyone pulled together. Though the campus is stunning, the educational approach is NOTHING like what’s taught in America. Extremely relaxed, but be ready because finals hit hard. Coming here to study is the best choice.

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Excellent resource for learning about your own culture as well as those of other people

For a semester, I thoroughly enjoyed my studies in psychology and Māori & Indigenous studies at the University of Waikato. Every member of the university staff is helpful and kind. All of my instructors were personable and interesting!
I completed PSYCH202, MAORI101, MAORI102, and MAORI103, and I heartily recommend them all. It has been a lot of fun learning te reo and more about the Māori culture. PSYCH202 was fantastic, and it truly altered my goals for my degree program and my post-graduation career path.
The campus is lovely and inviting in and of itself. I cherished taking walks around the lakes.

Support for any mental health issues was the only thing I felt was a little lacking. Although everyone at the university is very friendly, I wasn’t sure where to go for additional assistance.

Overall, my time at the University of Waikato has been incredible, changing my life and giving me the opportunity to travel while I study!

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master’s thesis at Waikato University

I wasn’t enrolled in any classes at Waikato, so I wasn’t automatically involved in the life of international students either. However, after a few initial issues, everything worked out and I had a great time!
New Zealand is a fantastic country for an exchange, especially if you enjoy traveling and stunning scenery. It provides some of the most breathtaking hikes and views I have ever seen. The university itself is good; it provides excellent instruction in a pleasant, welcoming setting. The city is quiet and in a good location. I had no issues; I had a great time here!

What aspects of this program would you change?

While the international office and student associations that work with foreign students are doing a good job, they appear to be relatively new to the field and lack personal exchange experience. Too bad.

Assistance in finding housing and classes is beneficial when attending an exchange. This is offered. However, I also anticipated that there would be some cultural events and, yes, even some planned parties for the foreigners. Since alcohol is viewed somewhat reservedly in New Zealand, the university doesn’t want to be involved in any kind of celebration. This is quite unfortunate because these events provide a chance to socialize and meet new people outside of the usual university setting.

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From Minnesota to New Zealand

The first-semester games we played against the other halls were among my most incredible experiences. In addition to playing games and challenges against other people and our hall, we had the opportunity to swim in the pool. I felt more connected to the university and the Kiwis as a result of it truly bringing us all together. It was a great idea to get people out of their comfort zone and acclimate to the change of university, and it was also a fun time. See more on University of Waikato website.

What aspects of this program would you change?

increased interaction between university students. interactions that are more effective. Increased travel options (if feasible).

Take action!

A+ campus in an A+ nation where people eat spaghetti on their toast and stroll around barefoot! Explore new places, meet new people, travel, and take in the local customs. In addition, helpful staff and intriguing papers!

What aspects of this program would you change?

Additional low-key ‘get to know each other’ events for residents and visitors. Putting oneself out there can be difficult, so a little buttshake is usually greatly appreciated (at least after a while!).

A beach day complete with board game night, championships, pot-lock dinner, bowling, the leap, share your culture nights, and/or beach games at Raglan. Movie evenings. The list is endless and includes friend/speed dating, poker nights, field picnics, and more! and of course the exciting excursions you had while I was there, like the Hobbiton, the Bungee/Skydive, the Caves, the Maori experiences, and so forth!

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